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FAWCO started in 1931 with just 7 clubs. Since the beginning, FAWCO has been a forerunner in issues that matter to women and Americans living abroad. The issue of birth control was discussed at a FAWCO conference as early as 1934. In 1935, the first Federation Scholarship Fund was put in place. Forty years later, Representatives in Congress received tea bags courtesy of FAWCO members who were protesting the taxation of Americans abroad without voting rights. In 1976, just a year after the campaign, the previously stalled Overseas Citizens Voting Rights Act was passed and private US citizens were given the right to vote from overseas. In 1995, FAWCO became a UN recognized NGO with consulting status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In 2007, FAWCO was instrumental in the foundation of the Americans Abroad Caucus in Washington.

A Global network
76 Member Clubs
15,000 members

Today, FAWCO efforts are organized into the Four Pillars of FAWCO:
  • Member Club Support: As a FAWCO club member, you automatically become a member of FAWCO. That enables you to use the FAWCO website, as a member, take part in FAWCO issues and serve on FAWCO Task Forces and Committees. It also allows you to attend workshops and conferences. Some of the FAWCO website is open to public view, but some pages you will need to log in to see. Creating an account allows you to subscribe to any of the FAWCO Task Force updates and FAWCO Bulletins that you would be interested in receiving each month.
  • US Issues: FAWCO remains highly active in making sure that Americas abroad have a voice and stay educated in matters involving voting, taxation, citizenship, banking, the Americans Abroad Caucus, and education resources.
  • Global Issues: There are a number of Global Task Forces within FAWCO —  including Environment, Education, Ending Violence, Sharing Cultures, Global Aging, Health Issues and the Target Program. In addition to e-mail updates, each has an information page for clubs and their members to view and use. They welcome questions, feedback and information (and help) from other FAWCO members!
  • Philanthropy: The FAWCO Foundation is the charitable arm of FAWCO. The Foundation manages development grants, education funds and the Target Program. The Foundation also provides FUN-raising tips and tools to help FAWCO Reps (every club has one), clubs and club members raise money — for not only FAWCO charities, but also their own.