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Useful Links
Finding out how to do things, where to go and what resources are useful
can alway be a challenge - especially if you find yourself in a new country and don't speak the native language! With that in mind, we've compiled a list of resources for life and travel in Sweden and Gothenburg to get you pointed in the right direction.
Life in Gothenburg/Sweden
The Göteborgs Stad website provides info on city services including, but not limited to, information on schools, libraries, health care and transportation services. Select "other languages" from the top left-hand corner to see info in English.
Go:teborg & Co maintains the official tourism website for the city of Gothenburg. The site contains information for visitors and for those in search of interesting activities and events.
The website for the US Embassy in Stockholm provides plenty of information for American Citizens living in Sweden. Check out their citizen services page for a list of useful information and links. Topics here include things such as healthcare, employment and educational opportunities in Sweden.
Swedish Language Courses
Folkuniversitet  offers a wide range of day-time and evening courses from beginning to advanced levels.
SFI or Svenska för Invandrare is a free base education in Swedish offered by the government. The program is available to all residents who do not have Swedish as a native language. Read more about it here.
Swedish/English Dictionaries
Google translate  can be used to quickly and effortlessly convert text from Swedish to English and vice versa. can be used to find translations, examples and synonyms of English and Swedish words. Most of the help text is in Swedish, but it is nonetheless very easy to use.
The  People's Dictionary  is a comprehensive Swedish-English dictionary complete with examples, verb conjugations and pronunciation help.
To get information about local public transportation check out Västtrafik's website. The site contains info, schedules and maps for local buses, trams, ferries and commuter trains.
Information about train travel to other cities in Sweden and Scandinavia can be found at SJ's website. You can find schedules and purchase tickets directly from the site.
Other/Ex-pat Info
If you are looking for local news in English, Göteborg Daily is the place to find it. The site provide "short summaries of local news, information on things to do and see, and practical tips to help you enjoy your Gothenburg experience." is a community resource compiled by a group of english-speaking ex-pats. The site contains information about life, entertainment, jobs and has tips and offers for newcomers.