American Women’s Club


AWC Gothenburg is a group of women who get together to socialize, celebrate and enjoy being American.

Our program chairs work enthusiastically to plan fun and informative meetings every third Wednesday of the month, be they lectures, yoga classes, or a childrens book writing workshop. In addition we have craft evenings, movie nights and loads of socializing and laughing. Our wine and cheese parties are always a hit!

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Events for Everyone

AWC Gothenburg uses Meetup to organize all of our activities and events

Although the group is private, we’re always looking to share our activities and events with new members. Join us today, and you’ll be invited to the next Meetup where you can meet other members and learn more about who we are, how we operate and decide if you’d like to join us on a more permanent basis. We look forward to meeting you!

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Ready to Forge New Friendships?

If you are an American, are married to an American or have a really strong bond with America or Americans and want to celebrate that, we welcome you to join us.

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