Club Membership

Thinking of joining the AWC Gothenburg? It’s a great way to meet new people, have access to a great network of women, and find a piece of home away from home.

We invite you to join us at any meeting or activity before becoming a member. Once you are ready to officially join the club, annual dues are only 100 SEK (about $10USD).


Benefits of the club:
  • AWCG provides an instant social support circle for new members in the region.
  • Members are American citizens, former American citizens, and women married to Americans. AWCG is also a member of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO), providing us with ongoing information relevant to all American women living abroad.
  • Even if you are already familiar with Sweden, you will appreciate the chance to socialize, speak English, and laugh with fellow American women.
  • With membership, you will be able to join our members-only Facebook page where upcoming events and activities are usually posted. On this page, you can ask questions, suggest meet-ups and share information.  You will also receive a periodic email with information about upcoming events and activities.
  • Our meetings are filled with informative topics such as filing taxes abroad and citizenship. In past meetings, we have done fun activities like yoga and have even given ourselves pedicures!
  • Activities such as movie nights, craft nights, Wine & Cheese Parties, book club, charity events, tours, and a playgroup for small children provide social opportunities for all our members.
  • We have also celebrated Fourth of July together with our families, and met in October for pumpkin carving and had a children’s Halloween party.  We have also held a Thanksgiving potluck dinner for families of the AWC, and our traditional December Holiday meeting, where we meet to share holiday treats and sing Christmas carols together.
  • The club is a network. We aim to keep our members informed and connected to the Gothenburg community. Because of the diversity of our membership, you can be assured there is always someone who can help answer your questions.
  • We keep close contact with the US Embassy Citizen Services and help coordinate their Consular Days where they come to Gothenburg several times a year to accept appointments to report births, passports for children, notary functions and other services to American citizens in Western Sweden.

AWCG was founded in 1948, and although we constantly adapt to new ideas and changes, the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Americans remains constant.