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Privacy Policy

Last updated: July 2018

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully as it describes our collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information.??If you have a question or request concerning the policy, please contact us at??


  • AWCG: American Women’s Club of Gothenburg
  • Member: a person who has been approved for membership and has paid their required membership dues.
  • Applicant: a person who has willingly filled out an AWCG application with the intent to become a member.
1. Personal Data Collection
1.1. General Collection and Purpose

The AWCG collects personal information through submitted applications and direct email correspondence. For applicants, this information is used to follow up on specific interests and invite applicants to open events. For members, this information is used to inform of upcoming events, invite to the AWCG private Facebook group, create a directory, invoice for membership fees, include in the newsletter mailing list,??and establish??and assist with communication between members.

The AWCG will not sell your personally identifiable information to others, no exceptions. Our primary goal is to use the information that is collected or submitted to improve your experience and improve the development of AWCG???s member services.

If any member or applicant would like to opt out, for any purpose served by the collection of data, please contact??

1.2. Social Media

The AWCG has a public??Facebook??page and a??private Facebook group for members only. This platform is used to promote our club activities and may collect information for general statistical purposes. This information is used to improve our communication strategies and hopefully, create more engaging content.

1.3. Third Party Access

The AWCG supports??FAWCO??but we do not share personal information about our members or applicants unless permission is given. Occasionally, we receive newsletters from FAWCO that are distributed to our members.

If our club is invited to another club event, we may share this information with our members. However, members are advised to use their discretion when sharing their personal information. The AWCG does not take any responsibility for the mistreatment or harmfulness caused by another association.

1.4. Third Party Services

The AWCG uses MailChimp to send monthly email newsletters to our members. Our club may also send applicants information about upcoming events or recent activities.

Members or applicants can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. This can be done by clicking a link within the footer of our emails. If an anyone receives an email from an Executive Committee member, then they can reply to the email and request to not be contacted again.

The AWCG uses Visma to send out invoices. In Visma we have registered all AWC members for invoicing dues. Personal information includes members??? name, address, email address, and membership status (full, retiree, or student). This is information is retained in Visma as long as the person remains a member.

1.5. Personal Information About Someone Else

If you provide personal information about someone else, you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with any obligation and consent obligations under applicable data protection laws.

We do not sell, trade, or rent a user’s personal??identification information to others.

1.6. Use of Cookies

We use cookies to collect information about how visitors and users use our website and services. Our cookies track page views, traffic to and from the website, location, and other general information available on Google Analytics. These cookies do not specify individuals; therefore, this provides visitors to our site with anonymity. Our club uses these cookies to provide, maintain, and improve our website and services.

2. Personal Data Security
2.1. Data Protection

The AWCG will keep your information secure by taking appropriate technical and organizational measures. We encrypt personal information communicated between two devices by applying secure socket layer technology (SSL).

3. Your Rights
3.1. Right to Access, Correct, and Delete Information

At any time you can revoke, access, and correct your personal data. First, we will take measures to verify your identity before providing a copy of the data we process about you. You can use this information for your own use or inform us of any changes needed.

3.2. Privacy Policy Updates

The AWCG will continually be governed to comply to the GDPR as set forth by the European Parliament. To abide by the law, our club will update this Privacy Policy occasionally. Therefore, it is good to read our Privacy Policy to be aware of the latest updates.

3.3. Contact Us

If you have any questions about our collection and storage of data or requests, please contact us at??